Make Major Money As a Green Consultant

In these rough economic times, anyone making the choice to be a consultant should first investigate a segment that is not already filled with rampant competition.  Consider how many business coaches are out there.  There is a lot of turnover in coaches and consultants, so why not avoid the businesses that lack serious promise?  One of the best areas of consultant is the exploding needs of emerging Green businesses. 

The problem is that most businesses are busy making business happen.  Going Green is often relegated to paultry offerings such as installing CFL bulbs or more technical thermostat.  Other firms feel like they are participating in Green transition by attending seminar and Green events.  Others show their Green commitment by writing a check to various Green programs.  None of these ideas are effective and honest when there are so many lacking issues that reside in their operation. 

Due to the constant pressures of business, the smart move is hire a professional who knows how to evaluate, suggest, and implement a series of Green improvements.  So far, most Green consultants are self-educated and not well-rounded in their knowledge of the subject.  The Green consultant should be trained in all areas of environmental issues that affect business.  This will allow the consultant to act as the outsourced Green adviser to the company.   This allows this person to bring the best information to the company in a fashion that fits the company’s needs.

One of the first steps is the Green Awareness training.  This allows the in-house workers to buy into the Green program.   Most projects leave out the “home team” when so many of the practical issues go unaddressed.  Green Awareness training gets the whole office or company on the same page and makes an immediate impact on the Green program.  The Green Awareness training leads into the Green Management which is a twelve month guided process to earning the company’s GCI Green Building certification.  Month by month, new ideas for Greening the office are introduced allowing the company to earn the requisite 100 points needed for GCIC Green Building certification.

Know how to Go Green also means knowing where to find the resources to turn suggestions into actions.  It is important to know that Going Green is not done in a week, a month, or a year.  This evolution is still in its early stages.   We are going to see new ideas, new products, and new issues as time passes.   One time fixes are not appropriate for this monster issue.   A Green consultant will be learning and constantly increasing what they know.  Innovations are still coming out every day, so the need for serious consultants will not soon diminish.

Green consultant training is being offered through the only source that can offer this trademark certification.  The Green Business League and joined with Green Clean Institute to offer training for aspiring Green consultants.  Find out more at Green Clean Consultant website and download an overview and application, but do it soon since classes are expected to fill up.  Classes are planned for Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Tampa, and Philadelphia.

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