Precision Welded Pipe vs Ordinary Welded Pipe

Precision Welded Pipe vs Ordinary Welded Pipe.

Precision welded pipe is the result of further processing on the basis of ordinary welded pipe. It is more accurate than the ordinary welded pipe geometry,Guest Posting the weld seam and the inner and outer surfaces of the precision welded pipe are of excellent quality, and the wall thickness is uniform. It is widely used in the chemical industry, textile machinery, aviation, instrumentation, automobile and other industries.

Precision Welded Pipe vs Ordinary Welded Pipe

1. Precision welded pipe geometric dimensions, uniform wall thickness, good steel pipe geometry, small ovality, reliable weld quality, small internal burrs, and smooth outer surface. After the weld heat treatment or protective atmosphere heat treatment, the steel pipe can achieve no oxidation on the surface, stable mechanical properties and uniform metallographic structure.

2. The production cost is much lower than that of the seamless precision steel pipe of the same type. It can be used on some equipment directly or after a small amount of processing, reducing equipment processing costs.

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